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Bodily injury
Our firm deals with all kinds of injuries and bodily damage. We represent only the people who became a victim of such injuries. We are specialized Personal Injury Attorneys with lots of experience in these matters for over many years.

Have you suffered a personal injury and you wonder whether the forthcoming damage could be claimed? We'll be happy to advice and offer you all the legal assistance you need.

We prefer a peronal approach en we like to work openly and transparently. Thus wih us you allways know where you're up to.
Kinds of bodily injuries
Personal injuries can be obtained in many ways. Most damages can be devided into four groups. We have lots of experience in all these areas.

Trafic damage

Not only traffic accidents are a source of injuries. Also negligence by road authorities , e.g. deferred maintanance of bicicle paths or sidewalks can lead to injuries.

Medical failures

You can obtain bodily injuries by a medical failure. A doctor could give a wrong diagnosis or treat you in the wrong way for you. Sometimes a treatment is started too late or even not at all.

Labor accidents

When you get injured while practising your profession or occupation, it is a labor related accident.

Other bodily injuries

These can occur in accidents related to sports or playing, caused by accidents or in matters involving product liability.
You suffer from peronal injuries?
It is quite annoying when you have suffferd a personal injury. Not only physically, but also mentally it can have reaching consequences.

We are happy to assist you in acts and advice concerning the best way to get your right.

No cure, no pay

Our firm works also according to the principal of 'no cure, no pay'. This means that ou can have us assist you without worrying about financial risks.

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